LeedSMS is a Nigeria's leading reliable web based Bulk SMS provider service that you can rely on to deliver your Bulk SMS messages at once to any Mobile Network anywhere in the world and whenever you want it.

LeedSMS.com is fast, affordable and very efficient. It allows you to send text messages from your computer and mobile apps to literally thousands of mobile phones. It is ideal for Organisations, NGOs, Schools, Religious bodies, you can rely on LeedSMS to help you deliver the message instantly and as at when due. Our SMS platform has a wide variety of features.

With our pricing system you get more SMS units the more you buy.

There is no maximum limit to the amount of units you may purchase at any time.

However, the minimum number of units you may purchase is 100 if you wish to make a bank deposit, or online with your Debit Card.


Plan Number of Units

Unit Price

Minimal Package 100 to 999


Basic Package 1,000 to 9,999


Premium Package 10,000 to 49,999


Super Package 50,000 to 999,999



Note: Users paying through the banks or making an online payment should pay with their username for easy identification otherwise, call or text your payment details to us.



BANKS:                       GTBank

ACCOUNT NUMBERS:   0016699781

After making your payment please make sure you text us your payment details including your username on our site in order for us to credit your account accordingly. all messages should be sent to 08029600011 or 08032163413