Classic Database

We have the GSM numbers of the following groups of people

S/N DB Category Location Description Quantity
1 Businesses Nationwide Numbers of businesses in Nigeria  750,783
2 Lagos Island Resid Lagos Lagos People living/working on the island 79,784
3 Car owners  Nationwide People who have cars 1,290,743
4 Politicians  Random Active politicians & office holders 354,675
5 Online Users Random People who use the internet often 468,870
6 Real estate Agents  Random People who deal in properties 65,807
7 Civil Servants    Lagos Civil & public servants 26,780
8 Job Seekers  Nationwide people looking for jobs 435,354
9 Telecoms Staffs Lagos People working with diff telecoms 18,983
10 Cable Satellite Sub Nationwide DSTV & HITV Subscribers 432,360
      Total 3,875,369


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